The pressurized impregnation process

The competitiveness of the company’s line-up is, above all, a result of the great quality of its products, along with adequate finish and high-class impregnation in accordance with the industry norms. All of our products are pressure impregnated in autoclaves of the following classes: 2, 3, 4. 

We offer pressurized impregnation services. We begin the impregnation process by loading the pallets with wood onto pushcarts mounted on rails, which we then pull into the autoclave. The autoclave is then closed, and the pressurized and vacuum impregnation process begins. During its first stage, the wood is vented in a vacuum of approximately 0,08Mpa. This takes around 40 minutes. After this stage, the autoclave is filled with an impregnation solution and pressurized at 0,8Mpa. This stage takes about 2 hours.

After the pressure phase, the wood is subjected to another vacuum phase and dried. 

After the cycle, the impregnated wood is removed from the autoclave and temporarily stored in pushcarts, after which it is transported under roofing to consolidate the impregnation.